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SME’S in Ireland are missing out on the benefits of Digital Marketing and the importance of Digital media in today’s Online world. We focuses on delivering Digital Marketing & Social Media solutions for small to medium sizes businesses.

Work with James, work smart not hard helping business create their success using online technology and leverage.

The reasons to use Carney Digital Marketing & Online Sales

With more and more consumers reading a review before making a purchase or a booking, it’s clear that having a good online reputation is absolutely crucial.

Get your free Business Profile on Google my Business.

Visible and Easy to find

4 in 5 consumers conduct a local search engines such as Google. If you do not have a Google my Business listing, you will not appear in the results when a local search occurs, therefore missing out on potential leads and sales. Having this listing enables you to become visible within search and on Google maps.

Interaction with Customers

Customers have the option to leave you reviews about your business, products and services. By verifying your Google My Businesses listing, you are able to respond and thank customers by replying to reviews or dealing with any complaints. The ability to respond to reviews is great and essential from a customer service point of view.

Manage your business info

Google My Business allows you to enter your own business details such as opening hours, address, phone number and website URL. This ensures they are accurate and you can update that any given time.

54% of smartphone users look for business hours to check when you are open before visiting 50% are looking for a local store address so they can visit and buy in-store. 45% of computer/ tablet users want to know product availability in a local store before setting out.

From these statistics, it’s clear how important it is to have the correct information showing on your Google My Business listing and to have all the necessary information available.

Free Advertising

Having a Google My Business page is free advertising for your business. For example, if you are a small pizza business, and someone search’s for’ pizza place’s near your location, your Goggle My Business page will appear in the local results. If you don’t have a listing, people may not know you exist and go elsewhere.

Find out how people find you!

Local search is becoming more and more prominent and using many methods of searching. Your Google My Business listing can provide insights on how your page is performing- how people find your listing, how they interact with your listing such as visiting your website or requesting directions. You can also find out the locations people are searching from so you can create targeted ads. You can see what Google has on offer within the insights section of Google My Business.